Extraordinary Mapping Capabilities for Associating Data with Place

With our Location Intelligence: either on premise or cloud based, high performance and scalable geospatial technology to geo-enable your data and develop location based applications
You can  utilize as much layer as you need such as ;

  • Marker Layer
  • Feature Layer
  • Map Layer
  • TMS Layer
  • WMS Layer

Meet smart, automatic map-making

The Coordinate Reference System dialog is available for each layer within a map visualization so that layers with different CRSs can be mixed and matched.
In current analytics inevitably world location intelligence has to utilize hative prediction data functions where you should be able to use with data functions for example;

  • Density Plot Data Functions
  • Points in Polygons Data Functions
  • Spatial Density Plots / Heat Maps
  • Map Contour Plot Data Functions
  • Hexbin Data Functions
  • Heatmap Data Functions

Native Usage of TERR Data Functions and Expressions

Immediately correlate to the real world

A map is different than any other visualization in that it immediately connects data to quickly understandable real-world context. That simple fact often brings fast insight and understanding, helping you clearly determine how location (store layout, seating chart, human anatomy) relates to other data features. Maps are often best for optimizing routing and scheduling, calculating the economic potential of your route network, reducing fuel emissions, optimizing site selection, and much more.

Business Value with Location Intelligence

Spotfire multi-layered maps are more powerful than those from other analytics vendors. As you zoom into each layer, for example, from the country down to the state, county, city, neighborhood, then the house level, you can choose to see associations of your choosing—not just the base map (roads), but data uniquely pertinent to that level.

Third-Party Base Maps

With support for Tile Map Services (TMS) and Web Map Service (WMS), you can use the base map of your choice from a large variety of free or paid third-party providers including Esri, HERE, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, TomTom, and more.

GIS Standards

Spotfire works with all map projections and natively supports shapefiles.