High Tech Manufacturing Analytics

Modern factories are populated with complex, expensive equipment. Manufacturers want to extract the greatest value from their factory equipment by maximizing equipment uptime, product throughput and quality and minimizing cycle times. Identifying bottlenecks in processing, taking proactive action in response to developing situations, and increasing operational system awareness are all key themes in sensor-driven manufacturing monitoring.

Most equipment today has connected sensors used to monitor and control the process. We can use the streaming data from these sensors, combined with context information from MES and other systems, to gain a complete real-time view of all manufacturing operations in order to rapidly resolve current issues and intervene to address preventable problems before they occur.
Factories, lines, equipment and streaming sensor data can be monitored in real-time. Rules and models can be employed that identify equipment, processes & product needing immediate attention. They can indicate both what is happening now and predict what will happen in the future. Dashboards can be updated continuously to visualize the current status and alerts can be pushed to provide targeted notifications. And finally, once monitoring has identified issues, analyses can automatically be kicked off to help diagnose the causes of problems.