Cloud Computing meets Business Intelligence

You need a enterprise BI platform that delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards? We can deliver all of this and much more with low TCO via public or private cloud configurations.

Enterprise Business Analytics

Rapidly deploy solutions that meet the specific needs of anyone and everyone who works with data across your enterprise.

Cloud BI architecture

Birst is based on more than ten years of R&D work in some of the world’s most demanding enterprises. It’s uniquely able to empower businesses to avoid historical compromises. With such cloud-based business intelligence software, you get astonishing speed for front-end business users and a single version of the truth across your entire data operation.
That’s 2-Tier BI and Analytics. We empower businesses to avoid historical compromises by giving enterprises the foundation to rapidly deploy analytical applications and drive less structured analysis of key business processes.

Our partner breaks traditional BI paradigms of builders and viewers, by turning all consumers of information into producers of intelligence. We blur the lines between BI dashboards and discovery and create an adaptive user experience that adapts to modern work styles.

You will see the same exact interface and data, whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile, either online or offline. Finally, what we will provide you fits with your current analytic tool sets. You can use your existing analytic clients to analyze leading cloud based BI technology’s trusted User Data Tier.

2-Tier BI and Analytics is a fundamentally new approach to enterprise BI. It leverages our global partner’s unique 2-Tier BI and Analytics technology, which automatically unifies and refines all data across your enterprise, whether generated by de-centralized business users or centralized BI teams and systems

With this business intelligence platform, business users get highly individualized self-service experiences that adapt to their specific needs. Our technology ensures all data across your enterprise is controlled, governed and true — and with minimal IT involvement every step of the way.