Executive Coaching

Rapidly changing business solutions and technologies often create chaotic environment for many executives.  Understandably, it is almost impossible to track all related developments while they need to benefit for the sake of their operation. Not to mention the fact that internal IT operation has already in operation day to day for their own views, most executives require hundred percent impartial party with highly skilled but without having business blindness. Therefore, Infolitik Business Solutions partners provide necessary business partnerships to support for;

  • Software selection
  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Roadmap Creation and Prioritization
  • Big Data /Datawarehouse/Analytics Projects
  • Process Design & Management & Analysis
  • Project & Team Management
  • Custom demand work and training
  • Training “Awareness in impactful communication”

The key point for executive coaching is that Infolitik Business Solutions never offers any technology components from its portfolio to implement once it is in charge of this coaching being in ethical approach.