Business Rule Management

Data is arriving in real time from hundreds of internal and external sources—and it has shelf life; Its value, diminishes over time. you need to jump-start big data processing initiatives that give you the ability to sense, reason, respond, and visualize—much different and much faster and smarter than the traditional store, analyze, report, act approach. With multiple rule authoring environments, you support collaboration between IT developers and business professionals. Developers can rapidly create a browser or custom UI self-service environment where users can influence the behavior of rules without coding. It’s the best way to experiment, try, learn, and allow for changes in rapid response to dynamic market conditions or competitor actions

You need to find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. All this is possible with your unique event-processing applications that are much easier to build using the world-wide technology proved framework. It prevents ever having to build from scratch and reduces project complexity and development time.

Not only can you detect and respond in real time and process events instantly, you can generate actionable insights. This real-time intelligence becomes part of your competitive strategy, providing a continuous feedback loop that continually enriches your knowledge, capabilities, and responses.