Customer Focus Solution Sales Approach ( 2 days )

92% of C-Level executives  never respond to e-mail blasts or cold calls  so why  would you continue to rely on these approaches to generate new business?

You are not happy from your current sales success or looking for new ways to restructure it?

As expected, larger sales organizations’ main cost is often the Sales staff. A survey by Sales Benchmark Index found that having a sales process can allow organizations

  • to Increase win rates from 19% to 33%
  • Increase average selling price by 10%
  • Shorten sale cycles

It is time to transform your selling  method by LISTENING rather than    talking, and  by     ASKING QUESTIONS rather than stating opinions.

The four (4) mandatory  requirements to having a sales process to allow B/C Players to emulate A Players are:

  1. Standard milestones for the various types of transactions sellers must achieve
  2. A standard skill set for salespeople
  3. Sales ready messaging to position offerings specific to titles and desired business outcomes
  4. Defined buyer actions so that sales managers can grade opportunities without solely having to rely upon seller opinions

Achieving Excellence through Process is at your hand now!

This two days training aims to provide end to end concepts of solution sales process to achieve sustainable sales success by constant improvement. The training covers creating market awareness, and various sales techniques.

Customer focus solution sales approach delivers sales training and necessary workshops to sales organizations with necessary skills and tools to remain competitive in their respectful market. The core of the training relies on buyer driven sales steps that direct sell cycle so that your sales team are enabled to close more opportunities being more productive.

Once the methodology is embraced by top management, scalable and repeatable sales success are assured.

Although this training is generalized for solution selling, high tech-software companies show great interest as their typical sales cycles are much more complex. Our sales training courses make you sure have proven to help organizations:

  • Greatly improve sales performance
  • Increase forecasting accuracy
  • Boost sales and revenue year over year
  • Improve prospect and pipeline qualification
  • Lead with value not product, putting the customer’s goals/problems/needs first
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Stop losing to “no decisions”
  • Reduce cost of sale