Business Analytics Conceptual Workshop (1 Day)

Business analysis is practiced within the context of transforming, enhancing and visualizing data to support business decision-making via analytics. Business analytics initiatives apply analytical data-centric system technologies and tools to deliver information that enables stakeholders make better investment decisions and manage their operational team.

This conceptual training comprises a list of business analytics concepts including emerging ones that business managers can use to gain the knowledge and experience of what to do when practicing business analytics within the context of big data analytics.  Workshop covers headlines;

  • Business Intelligence concepts, tool and applications
  • Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence
  • Strategic Business Analytics
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • When to use/choose what ?
  • What are key items for technology selection?
  • How should you approach for such projects?
  • Justification of business analytics projects

This workshop aims to cultivate business managers for analytics and emerging big data concepts so that they can have better conceptual knowledge in order to give better investment decisions, to carry out their operational duties under certain responsibilities or projects as well as being enabled for executive level business justifications.